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A Study on the Relationships among Service Employees’ Positive Personality Traits, Culture Intelligence and Work Performance in Cross-Culture Context (Published)

In order to achieve the competition in the global market, a growing number of employees involved in the cross-cultural context work. Cultural intelligence plays an important role in a cross-cultural context, because of cultural background is differences, employees are prone to disagreements, resulting in communication, behavior and cognitive misunderstanding or errors, and thus affect the individual’s work performance. Under the background of cross-cultural work, whether the positive personality trait will affect the cultural intelligence and further affect the individual’s work performance is the key point of this paper. This article will select the Chinese employees who work in Thailand as a sample, they are engaged in the service industry. This paper used Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression to analyse the data, it is proved that the positive personality trait of employees has positive influence on cultural intelligence, and that cultural intelligence plays a mediating effect in personality trait and job performance.

Keywords: Culture Intelligence, Positive Personality Trait, Work Performance