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Post-Election Violence in Kisii Town: Positive Economic Influence 2007-2013 (Published)

Post-Election Violence in Kenya and to the Kenyans refers to a political conflict that rocked the Country due to the disputed presidential election results of 2007. The main political parties in dispute were Party of National Unity (PNU), under Mwai Kibaki and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) under Raila Odinga. This research has given a clear description of the origin of Kisii Town, the main events of the conflict between September 2007 and April 2008, and the economic effects of the violence and how this affected Kisii town. Inspite of the many research works that have been carried out none has been conducted on the positive effects of the conflict and specifically how it affected Kisii town. The research employed descriptive research design method, and qualitative research type. Data was collected by the use of both oral interview and written questionnaires. The research was conducted within Kisii town. Coser’s conflict theory was employed to guide this research. In the conclusion, the research points out that although the P.E.V had many negative effects in many parts of Kenya, Kisii town experienced many positive effects. The behavior employed by Abagusii of Kisii town should be emulated by all people.

Keywords: Abagusii, Kisii Town, Odm, P.N.U, Positive Economic Effects, Post Elections Violence