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On The Existence and Uniqueness of a Steady Hydro Magnetic Flow of a Radiating Viscous Fluid in a Porous Medium (Published)

This study examines the existence and uniqueness of a steady hydro magnetic flow of a radiating viscous fluid in a porous medium. The combine effects of a radioactive heat transfer and transverse magnetic field on a steady flow of an electrically conducting optically thin fluid through a horizontal channel with porous medium in non-uniform temperatures at the wall were considered. The transformed non-linear coupled partial differential equations were solved numerically using shooting method via Runge-Kutta method of order four using Maple software.Numerical results for the effects of the parameters such as magnetic, radiation and porosity   on velocity and temperature distributions were discussed graphically.

Keywords: Porous Medium., convective flow, electrically conducting fluid, hydro magnetic flow, optically thin, radiating viscous fluid

Influence Of Radiative Heat And Mass Transfer In Chemical Reactive Rotating Fluid On A Stratified Steady State In A Porous Medium (Published)

An analysis of radiative heat and mass transfer on the onset chemical reactive rotating fluid on a stratified steady state in a porous medium has been carried out .In addition the influence on rotation, radiative heat transfer and chemical reaction where investigated by imposes a time dependent perturbation on concentration, temperature and velocity. Their involvements are assumed to be large so that heat radiation, chemical reaction and heat transfer is significant. This renders the problem inhomogeneous even on assumption of differential approximation for the radiative flux with the chemical reaction. When the perturbation is small, the transient flow is tackled by laplace transform technique with the involvement of modified Bessel function of first and modified second order given solution for stable steady state, temperature solute concentration and velocity. Consequence of the stable steady state Analysis and numerical solution where obtained by the use of the ratio of marginal state and asymptotic state on the concentration and temperature are presented graphically display. Their profile on the chemical reaction parameters, concentration decreases due to the variations of the chemical reaction parameter, causing a corresponding asymptotic change in the porous medium. Concentration profile on the Schmidt number, concentration decreases as a result of the variation of the Schmidt number parameter causing a corresponding asymptotic change in the porous medium. Temperature profiles on the radiation parameter, temperature decrease due to the variation of radiation parameter resulting to a corresponding asymptotic change in the porous medium. Temperature profiles on the Prandtl number, temperature decrease following the variation of the Prandtl number, resulting to a corresponding asymptotic change in the porous medium.

Keywords: Chemical Reactive Rotating Fluid, Mass Transfer, Porous Medium., Radiative Heat