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Five Years Performance Of New Introduced Salt Tolerant Hybrid Poplar (Populus Euphratica Oliv. × P.Alba L. Andpopulusalba L. × P.Euphratica Oliv) In Iran (West Azar-Bayjan) (Published)

Due to various reaction of new hybrid in different climate conditions, test of adaptability is necessary. In order to introduce new poplar hybrids (Populus euphratica Oliv. × P.alba L. and Populus alba L. × P. euphratica Oliv) in different part of country, ecological range of productivity have to be determined. In this study, adaptability of Populus euphratica Oliv. X P.alba L. and it’s reciprocal crosses hybrid, along with Populus alba L as native clones were tested  in Rasol Research station belong to Central Research of Agriculture and Natural Resources of West Azar-Bayjan during (2004-2009) The experiment was conducted through randomized complete block experimental design (RCBD). Twenty five individual cutting of three clones (Two hybrid and one native clones) planted in 100 square meter (2 × 2 meter distance between rows  and space between cutting respectively) as an experimental unite and replicated three. Analysis of collected data  have been done base on quantities and qualitative dates during five years. The results indicated that  there were a significant differences between clones at α=0.01%. Populus euphratica Oliv. × P.alba L hybrid showed highest breath diameter height (11.30cm), and total height (10 meter) than the others two. Low level of breath diameter height (4.15 cm), and total height (5.5 meter) were observed for Populus alba L. clone as a control.

Keywords: Hybrid Poplar, Inter Specific Hybrid, Populus Alba L. × P. Euphratica Oliv., Populus Euphratica Oliv. × P.alba L