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Analysis of Factors Contributing To Poor Performance of Procurement Functions in Local Government Authorities: Empirical Evidence from Audit Reports (Published)

In Tanzania like any other developing countries, local governments are regarded as key providers of public services to the people in various aspects such as education, health, water, infrastructure, financial transactions. The main objective of this study was to assess the factors that contribute to the poor performance of procurement functions in local government authorities. The specific objectives of this study were: to analyze the effect of internal control, staff capacity, and corruption on procurement performance of the local governments in Tanzania. Through a review of existing scholarly works, documents, records and reports, a conceptual frame work was developed. The findings and recommendations of this paper were made based on audit reports for the period of four consecutive years conducted by the National Audit Office (NAOT) and the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA). This study revealed that, Local Government Authorities (LGAs) procurement performance faces serious challenges pertaining to weak internal control, lack of staff capacity, and lack of integrity. The study recommended that the public procurement body (PSPTB) and regulatory body (PPRA) should put more efforts on capacity building and monitoring to the LGAs with inadequate compliance level in order to strengthen and improve their procurement performance. It was further recommended that the LGAs managements should continue strengthening their Procurement Management Units, Tender Boards, User Departments as well as Internal Audit Units in order to obtain value for money on the procurements made.

Keywords: Local Government, Poor performance, Procurement Functions

Causes of Academic Poor Performance among Omani Students (Published)

Nowadays, poor academic performance is among the main concerns of teachers, syllabus designers, curriculum developers and the whole educational body. The issue becomes worse in non-English speaking countries where the medium of instruction at colleges/ universities is English but students are exposed to English for a limited number of hours before beginning their study at college/university. To answer the question ‘what are the causal factors that affect students’ poor performances in non-English speaking countries like Oman? 151 essays written by students at post foundation level in Salalah College of Technology were examined carefully. The factors involved in students’ low academic achievements categorized into four macro groups; student-related factors, teacher- related factors, family- related factors and some other factors such as marriage, health problem, toxic friendships and transportation problem. The findings show that while student-related factors have the highest impact on students’ performance, teacher-related factors had the lowest effect.

Keywords: Causes, Family-related factors, Poor performance, Teacher-related factors, student-related factors