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Socio-Economic Factors Affecting ICT Utilization by Youths in Fish Farming In Kaduna State, Nigeria (Published)

Background ICT brings forth new development surfacing in agriculture. Youths need to improve their ICT abilities for the promotion of agriculture. This study was carried out in Kaduna state Nigeria. Objective the broad objective of the study was to determine the socio – economic factors that affect the utilization of ICT in fish production by youth in Kaduna State. Methods 100 youths were randomly selected and administered questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, regression and correlation analysis. Results The results showed that age, education, pond size, quantity of fish produce and training contributed significantly to ability to use ICT in fish production. Some factors were found to be positively related to ICT utilization. Age, education and training made positive contributions at 5% level of probability. Conclusion It was therefore concluded that youth need resources (education and training) in order to utilize ICT in food production. It is recommended youth need empowerment and training to utilize ICT for food production

Keywords: Age, Education, Empowerment, Pond Size, Production, Training