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Experimental Analysis of Chemical De-Emulsification Using Polymerization and Sulfonation Methods on Niger Delta Crude Oil (Published)

This technical paper evaluates the effects of salt concentrations and PH on water separation efficiency. The laboratory measurements were carried out on chemical de-emulsification using polymerization and sulfonation methods on the Niger Delta crude oil. Chemical de-emulsification was then carried out at the temperature of 65OC, using different salt concentrations for 120 minutes.  And the results depicts that water separation increases with decrease in salt concentration but increases with the PH of the solution. Also, Heavy Alkyl Benzene Sulfonated (HAS) and Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonated (LAS)  gave 90% and 88.3% of water separation respectively. PPA prepared by polymerization gave 75%. This shows that HAS is the best followed by LAS while PPA is the least in terms of water separation efficiency

Keywords: De-emulsification, Polymerization, Salt Concentrations, Separation Efficiency, Sulfonation., pH