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Necessity and Pleasure: The Speculative Historiosophic Theory of Zeev Jabotinsky (Published)

Jabotinsky is the ideological father and founder of the Zionist Revisionist Movement (from the word ‘revision’ – re-observation) in the Jewish world of the first half of the 20th century. The movement expressed a right liberal ideology, against the ideology of the socialist movement.In the framework of his desire to create an alternative ideology to Marxism, primarily for the national Jewish movement, Jabotinsky decided to write a historiosophical review as a substitute for the historical materialism of Marx that appeared in Marx’s book Capital: Critique of Political Economy in his article from the year 1938 titled “Introduction to the Theory of the Economy”. He saw his approach to the historical materialism of human society as progress driven by psychological motives (from an evolutionary source) created following the person’s desires to live his life beyond the desire for survival, which he called ‘pleasure’, ‘entertainment’, and ‘luxury’, in which there is the motive of ‘kingship’. In other words, the person desires to be a king himself over a certain amount of property and aspires always to broaden the areas of his kingship, or in other words, the area of his livelihood (the amount of his property and the areas of his responsibility, abilities, and influences).

Keywords: Economic History, Economic Philosophy, Israel Studies, Israeli politics, Philosophy of History, Political History, Political Philosophy., Zeev Jabotinsky, Zionism, Zionist Revisionist Movement