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Oil and Gas Sector Law Reform and Its Implications for Economic Development in Nigeria (Published)

This study focused primarily on oil and gas sector law reform and its implications for economic development in Nigeria. The objective is to review the reform in the oil and gas sector law since the adoption of democracy in 1999 and what implications it portends for economic development. The study adopted the political economy method to x-ray the issues that are germane to the study. Findings revealed that a consensus has not been reached on the proposed Petroleum Industry Bill as there are points and counterpoints for the passage of the Bill into law. Also, the enactment of the Nigerian Content Act is impacting positively on economic development. It is therefore recommended that political will be geared towards seeing the bill through and that the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board be strengthened to carry out her oversight functions.

Keywords: Economic Development, Political Economy and Nigeria., Reform, oil and gas sector