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Erratic Policy Making, Implementation and Adoption of Incremental Model: Nigeria Experience (Published)

The divergence in the policies articulated by the imminent government from the policies implemented by each successive government when they are at the helm of affairs has incited various criticisms in Nigeria. The paper seeks to determine the significance of incremental model in policy implementation in Nigeria. In its bid to achieve the objective, the study adapted and developed an incremental policy framework and brief qualitative desktop research analysis was carried out. The study finds out that continuous reversal of the existing policy and adoption of the new policy by new governments has been causing policy somersault and has not in any way beneficial to our Nation. Conclusively, arbitrary policy reversal without justification has a detrimental effect on the achievement of socio-economic policy goals set by the various governments. The study recommends that under no circumstance should any administration throw overboard the existing project or policy with the notion that the policy or the project is an initiative of the previous administration.

Keywords: Economic Policymaking, Incremental model, Policy Implementation, Policy Reversal