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National Interest and Warfare Ecosystem 2: Wicked Problems Framework and Policy Development (Published)

The pursuit of the national interest is closely linked to geography, strategy and contexts specific in foreign policy, anchoring remains significant and spatial to the Nation’s production possibility frontier with empirical case studies of China and the United States of America. Foreign policy solutions ‘desired outcome’ are in ‘the continuum’ termed poly singularity. Public value theory, Kingdon’s multiple streams approach and Baumgartner and Jones’s punctuated equilibrium theory (PET) was applied as critical thinking to captures decision constructive process of national interest with focus on value streams for stakeholders with the contexts specific situation illuminated as spatial polysingularity construct in framework. China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)’ Project altercasting as liberalist and realist for global economic and militarily power in East Asia. The United States energy interests drives its ‘Globalization Agenda and market economies’ globally. A new superpower crucible framework with win-win national interest’s scenario termed ‘warfare ecosystem’ postulated.

Keywords: Foreign Policy, Policy Development, globalization 4.0, national interest, public value theory, spatial polysingularity, warfare ecosystem and wicked problems framework.

African Research and Policy Development: Challenges and Solutions (Published)

There is an age-long relationship between research and policy development and vice versa. In recent years, research has assumed growing importance in Africa. However, this growing hunger for research has borne little policy development impact owing to lack of capacity and genuine desire to solve societal problems. Most often than not, African researchers are influenced by narrow immediate personal benefits of research without the desire to drive policy development. Similarly, most African policymakers are more mindful of acknowledging and promoting their personal interests than embracing research that benefits society. The fall out of these is the difficulty in the supply, uptake and use of quality research for policy development. This paper will discuss personal interests as the main challenge to African research and policy development and proffer suitable solutions.

Keywords: Africa, Policy Development, personal interests, research evidence

Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change into Policy and Development: Case Study on Agriculture and Sustainable Food Security in Bangladesh (Published)

Our proposed study set up a long-term national climate adaptation framework for Bangladeshi policy makers. Outcomes of this research absolutely lead to measure the public perception, attitudes and understanding of the level of knowledge and the aspirations and expectations of publics with regard to how they adapted to a changing climate. This study also identify if there are significant relationship between public perceptions and attitudes of climate change and efficient adaptation framework and plans to introduce some ideas. and concepts on the challenges toward the perceptions and policies as tools for achieving long-term solutions to climate change for the national policy framework. More specific outcomes are (a) understanding of public perceptions, attitudes towards climate change and their adaptation capacity in agriculture, industry and service sectors (b) achievement of efficient national adaptation framework (c) enhanced knowledge on future climate change impacts and better capacity building on the long run integrated economic development and finally and (d) recommendations and policy tools for achieving long-term solutions to climate change for the national policy framework.

Keywords: Adaptation Framework, Agriculture, Climate Change, Policy Development