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A Critical Assessment of Kenya’s Cooperative Movement Response to Platform Techs: Lessons from The Future (Published)

Economies in less developed nations are faced with low-paid, informal work, and youth unemployment. This challenge has mutated into absolute poverty and sometimes rebellions and uprisings as populations surge. This is a precipice to future crisis. Could the Internet be rebooted to help address some of these issues? The platform cooperativism could offer one of the best solutions towards this direction. New spaces of work creating new powers in the economy are becoming highly inevitable and uptake of such models is now irresistible across the world. Most of these nations predominantly operate offline in the changing scope of work. Platform cooperativism, could, by nature, offer sustainable and participatory forms of businesses, and provide the actual and potential while contributing to sustainable businesses, and development. As such platform are invariably taking shape in all other sectors of the economy, could this be the time to reposition the cooperative movement in the new space?

Keywords: Cooperativism, Internet, Work, platform

Social Media: A Platform for Effective Instructional Delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programmes (Published)

Social media is significantly paving its way in the classroom and it could be useful for effective instructional delivery of Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programmes. This study was carried out in Enugu State , Nigeria to determine Social media as a platform for effective instructional delivery of TVET programmes in Public Universities in Enugu State.  Survey research design was employed for the study. The population consisted of 97 TVET lecturers teaching in the two public universities offering TVET programmes in Enugu State. The entire population was used. Therefore, no sample was drawn because of the manageable size of the population. Two research questions were answered by the study and two null hypotheses tested at .05 level of significance.  The result of the study revealed that social media is a useful platform for effective TVET delivery but TVET lecturers utilize social media to a low extent.  From the findings of the study, the researchers recommended among others that TVET lecturers should update their skills in the use of social media and also, TVET institutions should upgrade social media facilities in their various institutions for effective utilization in TVET delivery.

Keywords: Social media, TVET, effective instructional delivery, platform

Influence social media on the implementation of public relations in selected higher learning institutions in northern Tanzania (Published)

The paper assessed the influence of social media on the implementation of public relations. Research approaches were quantitative and qualitative research (explanatory correlation and case study designs). Simple random sampling, purposive and stratified sampling procedures were used to select University staff and students The target population was higher learning institutions in Northern Tanzania.  Quantitative data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Data was anlaysed through frequencies, percentages, means and narratives. The study had two hypotheses which were tested using independent t-test analysis. Both null hypotheses were rejected and alternative hypotheses were stated. The  findings showed that majority of respondents agreed that social media is a significant tool in influencing public relations programmes towards improving stakeholders relations in higher learning institutions. The study recommended that public relations managers and communication officers in the organization should increase and improve utilization of social media for the success of their communication strategies in the institution.

Keywords: Facebook, Google+, Public Relations, Social media, Software, Twitter, higher learning institutions, platform