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Knowledge and Compliance of Parents with Planned Meal as an Influence on Pupils Performance in Early Childhood Development Centre, Ado- Ekiti (Published)

The study examined the knowledge and compliance of parents with planned meal as an indicator of pupils’ performance. It investigated knowledge of parents on planned meal and compliance of parents on the planned meal. The study is a descriptive research that employed a case study design. The research instrument was titled Knowledge and Compliance with Planned Meal (KCPM). The face and content validity was ascertained by Nutritionist and Tests and Measurement experts. A reliability coefficient of 0.85 was obtained using split half method. The population for the study comprised of all parents of children attending Early Childhood Development Education Centre, Ado Ekiti. The sample comprised all the parents of pupils attending the primary school. One hypothesis was generated and tested using Pearson, Product Moment analysis at 0.05 level of significance. The result showed that parents demonstrated a good knowledge of quality diet of which majority of parents always complies with. It also revealed that quality diet had positive impacts on the performance of the milestone task by the child as all the children can perform expected milestone task appropriate for their age. It was recommended that Policies should be put in place that encourage or as appropriate mandate that all governments owned primary schools to have planned menu table for the pupils. Also, Varieties of home based nutritious and affordable meal should be included in the menu time table.

Keywords: Compliance, Knowledge, Planned Meal, Pupils Performance