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The Influence of Place of Residence on the Muslim Tourist’s Destination Choice When Favoring between Muslim-Friendly Destinations and Other Tourist Destinations (Published)

Tourist destinations compete to attract emerging tourist segments such as Muslim tourists. A destination can gain the Muslim tourist when it offers the key attributes upon which he can build his choice. Studies show that Muslim destination choice and Muslim tourist satisfaction are affected by offering Muslim-friendly attributes. However, these studies did not consider the potential effect of cultural differences that influence the customer behavior. Accordingly, the current study suggests that the place of residence, as a force of cultural differences, affects the Muslim overall destination choice. It mainly assumes that Muslims residing in Muslim countries adopt different criteria from Muslims residing in non-Muslim countries in their destination choice. Findings confirmed that place of residence has a moderating effect on Muslim destination choice; revealing the differences between both Muslim groups concerning the relative importance of Muslim-friendly attributes and general destination attributes.

Keywords: General Value Attributes, Muslim Tourist, Muslim-Friendly Attributes, Place of Residence