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PID Power Controller to a Setpoint of Fluid Level Height in a Reservoir for Unattended Human Monitoring (Published)

This paper provides a novel approach of a power control system of a fluid tank pump to reach a specific setpoint of fluid level height. The system enables users to fill a tank to any desired height within a chosen time interval. The system is equipped with a timer that allows the user to fill the tank to the desired level within the desired time. The system is based on utilizing a Proportional Integral and Derivative (PID) controller to adjust the pump’s power to satisfy the user-defined setups (time and fluid level height). This approach has the potential to be applied for domestic purposes for unattended human monitoring. This approach has been demonstrated using LabVIEW coding to apply the fluid and hydrodynamic design and control principles. The results have illustrated the code’s capability to achieve the desired tank fluid level height for a variable range of fluid level height setpoints and time intervals

Keywords: PID controller, Power Controller, Unattended Human Monitoring

Survey of 4ws Automotive Movement Fund with the Effects of Tire Stiffness (Published)

This paper proposes a 4WAS (4 Wheel Active Steer) system assists drivers by automatically controlling the steering angle of a vehicle’s four wheels according to speed. By controlling the steering angle of all four wheels, this active steering system helps improve stability and response at high speed and helps reduce driver’s steering workload at low speed. The study compared the operation of the system with and without PID controller. Computer simulations demonstrate good maneuverability of the proposed system.

Keywords: 4 Wheel Active Steer, Active four wheel steering, PID controller, stiffness in the tire