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Applying Pictologics (Pls) Method in Teaching English to Malaysian Students: A Vygotskian Perspective (Published)

This paper examines the effects of applying Pictologics (PLS) method –developed by the author- on teaching English to Malaysian primary students (N=126, p≤.05). In a mixed methods design, students in two public primary schools in Penang, Malaysia participated in this study. The samples were almost equally divided into the treatment group which received their training with PLS, and the control group that received their training via a conventional method.  The instrument was a10-item questionnaire in multiple-choice and open-ended formats. The data revealed that students under PLS had a more positive opinion towards learning style; that is, imaginative usage of pictures which is generally exercised by PLS. This paper also briefly introduces PLS in terms of its principles and potentials in a Vygotskian perspective. The author encourages teachers and students to use the ideas and techniques of this method in order to enhance teaching and learning English

Keywords: Imagination, PLS, Pictologics, Pictures, Vygotsky