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Ethno-Territorial Features of Folk Medicine Traditions (Published)

This article discusses the impact of ethnic factors on the formation of national medicine traditions. That is, the geographical location of the peoples and the type of training are reflected in the traditional ethnic traditions of the people. At the same time, the focus is on the religious views of the population and the originality of the local flora and fauna and the impact of such factors on national traditions. Folk medicine traditions were developed as result of relations of people and nature, kind of economy, religions convictions and cultural achievement. People fell necessity to medicine science in the field of saving health and fight against factors which taking bad influence at initial developing age. Medicine knowledge was developing slowly during the century resulting of helping people each other and yourselves[1]. This knowledge was gathered at certain groups of human society resulting of developing medicine and division of labor and treatment and making different medicine were become activity for exactly this groups quacks. Medicine traditions come down oral form from father to son and meanly one family or among relatives. Primary meaning of the article at ancient age of history medicine knowledge and traditions were general and the same ways for everyone, but after some time these traditions look on special significance and becoming difference resulting of several factors. These differences were separated in accordance with ethno area feature and types of treatment. Treatment features of medicine divided into two groups because of different religions outlooks of people, level of knowledge of population, attitude to environment and local myths. First, one is mystic medicine which treatment with unnatural power and second one is empiric medicine which treatment with being passed experiment ways. We investigate empiric medicine and its peculiar features. Nowadays where nation has their own peculiar medicine knowledge and medical traditions, they stood out for treatment ways, particular diagnosis process and taking medicine from other nation’s medicine outlooks. Every nation has their own medicine types because they have following causes: difference of knowledge and approach issues peculiar. Today’s informational century dividing medicine traditions in bordering and people studying certain peculiar was different all countries for medicine beginning of the XX century prohibiting folk medicine from Soviet Union government[2] it directly influenced Uzbek folk medicine[3]. Being occupied with medicine, propagandizing was forbidden officially in the end attitude had changed to medicine knowledge and traditions.

Keywords: Empiric Medicine, Geographical Location, Livestock, Mystical Medicine, Physician, Religious Beliefs, Turkona (Simple) And Complex Drugs., Type Of Training, farming