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The Socio-Economic Condition of the Physical Labour of Lower Class Older People in Rural Areas of Bangladesh (Published)

Older people are familiar as ‘eldest citizens’ of the society, and they are respected by the family, society, and also by the nation. But due to several kinds of socio-economic causes, the traditional values and customs are not keeping entirely. Now old is an emerging issue which is a flourishing concern in the world, particularly in developing countries. Most of the older people of Bangladesh aren’t in a proper socio-economic condition due to different kind of problems, e.g., Poverty, Wage discrimination, want of essential goods and situation. This study conducted on the socio-economic condition of physical labour of lower class older people in Swaruppur, a Union of Maheshpur Upazila under Jhenaidah district of Bangladesh. The objective of this study is to explore the socio-economic condition among the older people of Maheshpur Upazila. This study based on both primary and secondary data sources. The primary data for this study collected through a questionnaire survey. In this study, research work has been conducted based on purposive sampling by selecting a sample of 60 people. And also the secondary data have been collected from various published and unpublished sources including books, journals, newspaper, magazines, annual report and websites of institutions. Analyzing the data obtained from the respondents, it is found that the socio-economic condition of the physical labour of lower class older people is very low, especially the financial problems. So, they can’t conduct their family properly because of low to income.

Keywords: : Older People, Financial Problems, Physical Labour, Socio-Economic