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The Role of Industrial Towns on Physical Structure of Cities (Case Study- Mashhad, Toos Industrial Town) (Published)

The development of industrial towns around cities, It is an important aspect worthy that thecoming into existenceof this townseither directly or indirectly caused deep changes. Above all, the consequences of industrialization have more influence on patterns of population settlement in the region and increased urbanization and centralization of population centers and urban areas lacked facilities and services. Not only, the industrial townscausedattracting the investment, increase the economic prosperity of the city, increase income and create job opportunities are municipalities ,but also the negative effect of such pressure on urban infrastructure, increased migration to cities and suburbanization have been followed. This research is based on the theory of the localization industry, the development of the polar, cumulative causation and center-around. The aim of this study is to investigate the social and economic effects of industrial towns on the physical city. For this purpose, Mashhad, Toos Industrial town was chosen as a case study. The research method is Analysis – Descriptive and methods of data collection are “documents – Library and interview. The SPSS software for data analysis and correlation coefficient was used as well as. The result showed that the establishment of industrial towns around citiescan also causes changes in the economic and social aspects, in addition to affect onPhysical growth of urban areas.

Keywords: Industrial town, Physical growth, Toos Industrial town, social-economic effects