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The Effect of Physical and Social Capital Resource Capabilities on Employee Performance in Courier Companies In Kenya (Published)

Incorporation of physical resources and social networking in organizations is a successful investment that managers can think of. They are essential in piloting corporate activities and production of goods and services for which the organization’s goal may be based on. The quality of physical resource capabilities lie in its fitness for purpose and its longevity. It relates to the concept and design of a building, and its suitability for the use to which it will be put. When employees work in a secure environment strengthened by the organization’s’ buildings, the tendency to have better performance will be evident. A shared vision embodies the collective goals of the employees. When employees have the same perceptions about how to interact with one another, they can avoid misunderstandings in their communications and have more opportunities to exchange their ideas freely. This paper thus sought to establish the effect of physical and social capital resource capabilities on the performance of Courier Companies in Kenya. The study was based on social capital theory and targeted a population of 2800 where a sample of 339 respondents was obtained using Cochran’s formula. The study used simple random sampling which employed explanatory research design. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Correlation and moderated regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses. Physical capital resource capabilities had the greatest influence while Social capital resource capabilities were found not to be significantly associated with employee performance.

Keywords: Courier, Employee Performance, Physical capital resource capabilities, Social capital resource capabilities