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Influence of the Mobile Phone Signals Waves And Internet Signals Waves on The Masculinity and Sperm and Rates of Pregnancy and Procreation. (Published)

With the advent of the mobile phones and the wireless internet, which spread around the world, studies and interest in this subjects began, and their effect in the human body, but because of time constraints on this invention, until now there are no studies or research that specifically describes the damage to the cell phones signals waves and the internet signals waves in the human body, so that be required approximately thirty years of continuous research on a specific group of people are using these phones to determine damages, But there are information that who talking on the cell phones for up to four hours a day leads to a decrease in spermatozoa by 25% with effect on the function and movement and distortions of the spermatozoa, and these mobile phones are issued radiation may affect the DNA that affects testicle producing testosterone and sperms. A number of researchers in the Netherlands studied Wi-Fi wireless signals waves because of their responsibility for the deterioration of the trees, where many of the trees hit the cracking and zigzags so the research team studied signals Wi-Fi. Another study was conducted to evaluate the impact of electromagnetics signals waves on the fertility of male rats, rats were divided into groups, to conduct tests sperm and to the hormonal tests, and for carrying fertility experience, rats was divided into 3 groups, the control group, the group exposure hour \ day and the group two hours exposure group \ day, for a period of 30 days, the experience conclusion that electromagnetics signals wave issued by the mobile phone have detrimental effect on the fertility of male rats. Our bodies on a daily basis are exposed to many types of radiation, whether wireless phone, wireless handheld devices or wireless tablets or even a microwave and many other technological devices that have become something essential to our daily lives. We will learn about the gravity of these rays and how to prevent them, after that proved scientific studies and research the influence of this radiation in plants and animals and thereby in humans, in particular to the point that we focus on in this research the masculinity and sperms and rates of pregnancy, and child-bearing and even the extent of their impact on the fetus during pregnancy.

Keywords: Electromagnetics Signals Waves, Fertilization, Fetus., Phone Cells, Rates Of Pregnancy, Sperms, Wi Fi