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A Vital Role of Pharmacoinformatics (Published)

The rapid growth of the internet and the World Wide Web has led to the development of pharmacoinformatics technologies to assist oncology healthcare professionals in delivering optimum pharmaceutical care and health related outcomes. There is an increasing recognition that information technology can be effectively used for drug discovery. The work in pharmacoinformatics can be broadly divided into two categories – scientific aspects and service aspects. The scientific component deals with the drug discovery and development activities, whereas the service oriented aspects are more patient centric. Pharmacoinformatics subject feeds on many emerging information technologies like neuroinformatics, immunoinformatics, biosystem informatics, metabolomics, chemical reaction informatics, toxicoinformatics, cancer informatics, genome informatics, proteome informatics, biomedical informatics, The minimizing the time between a drug‘s discovery and its delivery to the marketplace and maintaining high productivity in the manufacturing processes. During a product‘s lifecycle many complex decisions must be made to achieve these goals. To better support the development and manufacturing processes at each stage, we have proposed a new epitome to facilitate the management and transfer of data information and knowledge. In future these information technology efforts are expected to grow both in terms of their reliability and scope. Thus, this emerging technology (pharmacoinformatics) is becoming an essential component of pharmaceutical sciences.

Keywords: Bioinformatics., Chemoinformatics, Immunoinformatics, Pharmacoinformatics