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Discrimination, Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect [DEAN] of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria (Published)

Disability is a global concern, predisposes the sufferers to several challenges including discrimination, exploitation, abuse and neglect both at home and in the street. The conditions of being disabled could arise from birth or during one’s lifetime and the sufferers find themselves incapacitated either mentally or physically which then limits their chances of accessing various opportunities in society. The paper argued that persons with disabilities [PWDs] are poorly treated by family members through physical and sexual abuse, exploitation of inheritance, rights infringement and or resources gathered from alms begging where used for such. The exploitation and abuse were made possible due to the heavy reliance of the PWDs on the family members to carry out certain tasks and for being perceived as a burden to the family. Also, the paper argued that PWDs are faced with a lot of discrimination in schools by their peers and tutors and are often neglected in terms provision of assistive devices, materials and adequate training for tutors to successfully transfer knowledge to them.  The paper concluded that the treatment of the PWDs was poor, unfair and unjust and requires government intervention, NGOs and individuals’ positive attitudinal change to alleviate their suffering experiences.


Keywords: Abuse, Discrimination, Exploitation, Persons With Disabilities, Treatment., neglect

Beyond the Wheelchair: Workplace bullying and persons with disabilities (Published)

Researchers nationally and internationally have reflected on the impact of workplace bullying for employees.  While the impact on women and people of color has been considered, little attention has been paid to American workers with disabilities who face workplace bullying.  This article strives to shed light on the potential frequency in which American workers with disabilities face workplace bullying. As there are no studies on this topic, the essay will apply British findings, to the American population in an effort to develop insight to workplace bullying for Americans with disabilities.  Reasonably, one could consider that approximately 41% of those with disabilities face workplace bullying despite the United States protections for those with disabilities.

Keywords: Persons With Disabilities, Workplace bullying, harassment

The Role of Faculties of Education in the Preparation of Primary School Pre-Service Teachers for Inclusive Classrooms (Published)

Universities in South Africa are responsible for training primary school teachers.  These teachers should be competent to teach learners with and without disabilities in the same classroom environments.  With the exception of very few universities in South Africa, the majority offers courses that do not adequately prepare teachers for inclusive classrooms.  This quantitative study was pegged on the literary debate and used the Modified Survey of Attitudes towards Inclusion of Learners with Special Needs to collect data from 149 primary school pre-service teachers.  The findings revealed that pre-service teachers who took a module on Barriers to Learning have a good understanding of the teaching of learners with special needs, they possess appropriate skills to teach learners with and without disabilities in inclusive classrooms and are confident that they have inherent qualities and mental temperament to deal with special needs learners.

Keywords: Inclusive Education, Persons With Disabilities, Pre-Service Teachers, Special Needs Learners, Teacher Knowledge, Teaching Skills And Dispositions