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Teachers Personnel Management as Determinant of Teacher Productivity in Secondary Schools in Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated contribution of teacher personnel management to teacher productivity in Delta State Secondary School Two research questions and two main operational hypotheses guided the study. The study adopted co-relational survey research designed. The descriptive statistical tool of mean was used to answer research questions while the inferential statistical tool Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was used to analyze the null hypothesis formulated. A total of 204 teachers from the 32 Senior Secondary Schools were sampled using stratified random sampling technique. Data collected through a validated and well structured instrument. Result show that determinant variables (Teachers’ Personnel Management and Management strategies) significantly predict teacher productivity. Based on the findings, the study recommends among others, that management should provide all motivational incentive to boost work performance of teachers in secondary schools.

Keywords: Determinant, Personnel management, Teachers’ Productivity and Secondary Schools


From the outset, this paper argues that at the local government level, personnel management has not received the needed professional attention at least in practice. Consequently, national development suffers from the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the manpower that is supposed to initiate and sustain it from the grassroots. The significance of personnel is then highlighted, with management and development as theoretical basis. The Local Government personnel management organisation and functions were analysed along the line, using problem – solution approach. In further search for improvements, the paper proposes rigorous reflection on pre-colonial personnel management theory and practice. It wondered at the relative effectiveness and efficiency in the accomplishment of development projects that characterised the pre-colonial peoples that made the present day Nigerian nation. The paper therefore sought to provide a sound theoretical foundation that informed the relationship between personnel management in the local government system and national development, with the hope of presenting empirical quantitative data and analysis to support the main thesis in the near future

Keywords: Local Government, National Development, Nigeria, Personnel management