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Use of Temperature Sensitive Film to Avoid the Impact of Temperature Fluctuations on Mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) Modified Atmosphere Packages (Published)

A new generation of plastic film, who’s the permeability increases drastically with a slight rise in temperature, were used to bulk the modified atmosphere packages of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus cv. U3 sylvan 381) in order to prevent the lack of O2 and the excessive accumulation of CO2 caused by temperature fluctuations during transportation and storage. The use of thermal plastic film allowed the level of CO2 in the modified atmosphere packages of the mushrooms (8-10%) during fluctuating period. According to the level of oxygen, this dropped from 5% to 2.6% during fluctuation from 4°C to 14°C. Final quality of mushrooms was improved by the use of a temperature sensitive film. This new film showed efficacy in preventing the accumulation of CO2 and in compensating for the drop in O2 in the modified atmosphere packages of mushrooms under temperature abuse conditions.

Keywords: Modified Atmosphere, Permeability, mushroom, temperature fluctuations

Evaluation of Permeability in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs by Production Logging Tools (PLT) (Published)

Permeability in oil wells can be achieved by different methods. Each method has its own constraints and supplementary techniques are necessary. Using Production Logging Tools (PLT) is an appropriate means for controlling the accuracy of the permeability obtained from other techniques. In as much as in different removals of Production Logs, the tools are driven once, the exploration cost is decreased. PLT in carbonate reservoirs assumes homogeneous, single-phase flow, and steady state. The core data verify the permeability values predicted by Emeraude software. The output of the software with the results of the core, in the oil wells in most areas, with the difference varied between 7 to 50%. The percentage error fractured carbonate reservoirs, is acceptable. However, in certain regions, significant differences were observed that could have been due to the assumptions made.

Keywords: Emeraude, Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs, Permeability, Production Log Tools (PLT)