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Impact of Nursing Care and the Relationship Between Peritonitis and Renal Replacement Therapy in a Second Level Hospital (Published)

The objective of this research work is to evaluate the procedure for changing the peritoneal dialysis bag, by the nursing staff associated with nosocomial peritonitis of the Regional General Hospital No.25 IMSS.The IMSS gives 68% attention to patients with a kidney disease in which the Regional General Hospital No. 25 of the Mexican Social Security Institute, currently serves 456 beneficiaries of which 374 are in a Peritoneal Dialysis modality Continuous Ambulatory (DPCA) and 82 in Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (DPA).Renal insufficiency according to its high increase in the Mexican population generates large amounts of health expenditure, the different institutions that provide health, increase the need for nurses to be trained and provide quality in their procedures to reduce complications, dialysis It is the treatment of first choice and as a result its main disadvantage is peritonitis due to a bad use in the technique and lack of adherence to treatment, which increases hospitalization and mortality.A qualitative study was conducted, with a transversal, observational, descriptive and prospective design; by the nursing staff of the nephrology, internal medicine and emergency department of the morning and evening shifts.The sample is of sixty auxiliary and general nurses with a period of five months, where the data will be collected in two stages and subsequently analyzed through indicators.

Keywords: Peritoneal dialysis, peritonitis, renal failure