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Understanding Customers’ Satisfaction in Construction Industry in Nigeria (Published)

As the Nigerian construction customers become more sophisticated, it is now very important that firms within the construction industry determine the factors that are important and relevant to the customers’ firm choice decisions. Customer satisfaction can be seen either as a goal or as a measurement tool in the development of construction industry. By using information from journals, books and online sources this study evaluates understanding customers’ satisfaction in the construction industry in Nigeria. The results showed that the quality of the product is not usually dependent on the price of the product or services. Quality is seen as precedent of customer satisfaction. Quality of construction projects can be regarded as the fulfillment of expectations (i.e. the satisfaction) of those participants involved. It also showed that high customer satisfaction leads to relationship strength and a deep state of collaboration has also been found profitable. Companies use different form of customer satisfaction methods in developing and monitoring product or service offering in order to manage and improve customer relationship.

Keywords: Construction industry, Customer Satisfaction, Customer service quality., performance measures