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Contribution of Construction SMEs to Sustainable Development in Nigeria (Published)

Construction firms SMEs are the majority players in most construction industries. Thus, improvement in their performance will have a major impact in the overall performance of the construction industry and the sustainable development of a country. Construction Industry determines the nature and pace of national development by it is significant contribution to socio-economic development and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and plays an important role towards the attainment of sustainable development goals. This paper explores the contribution of construction SMEs towards attainment of sustainable development in Nigeria. The study adopted a review technique of related literature that highlights contribution of the construction SMEs in the area of social, economic and employment generations. This was complimented with a questionnaire survey of 125 construction SMEs constructing the federal government mass housing projects in the seven North-West states of Nigeria. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics to draw conclusion that highlights the important contributions of construction SMEs to sustainable developments such as social, economic and employment generation. The study recommends increased patronage and support to construction SMEs in order to achieve their full contribution towards sustainable development of Nigeria.

Citation: Ali, Ibrahim Faki (2021) Contribution of Construction SMEs to Sustainable Development in Nigeria, International Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research, Vol.9, No.3, pp.22-38

Keywords: Contribution, construction SMEs, performance improvement and sustainable developments