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Assessment Of Supply Chain Management Practices And It Effects On The Performance Of Kasapreko Company Limited In Ghana (Published)

This thesis is based on one manufacturing company in Ghana. The study sought to examine supply chain management practice and it effect on the performance of Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL). The objectives of the study were to examine supply chain management (SCM) practice in KCL, ascertain the influence of SCM practice on KCL performance, and to describe the trend in sale of KCL. A sample size of two-hundred (200) out of the numerous customers of KCL was administered with questionnaires in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The researchers also interviewed key employees of KCL using a semi-structured interview guide. A descriptive analysis with the aid of SPSS was used to quantify the relationship between the application of supply chain management practice and the performance of KCL. The result of the study indicated that KCL is applying supply chain management practice to its business activities. The study also indicated that supply chain management practice has significantly influence KCL business performance and was evidence in the sales performance of KCL over the years (2004-2010).

Keywords: Performance and Supply Chain Management, Practices, Supply Chain