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Management Styles and Employees’ Performance in Small Scale Business Enterprises in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examined management styles and employees’ performance in small scale business enterprises in Akwa Ibom State. Six specific objectives, six research questions were formulated.The expost-facto design was adopted. The population of the study comprised 1632 employees of small scale business enterprises from which sample size of 373 was selected using Krejcie and Morgan formula. Management Styles Questionnaire(MSQ) and Employees Performance Questionnaire (EPQ) were used to collect data. These instruments were validated by three research experts and tested to be reliable using Cronbach Alpha, and a reliability coefficient of 0.90 was obtained. A total of 373 copies of the questionnaire were retrieved and found useable. Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used to answer the research questions and also test the six null hypotheses. The result of the analysis of the research questions showed a positive relationship between management styles and employees’ performance small scale business enterprises, with the exception of autocratic and lasses-faire management styles whose results were negative. Result also showed that participative management style was more positively related with employees’ performance than other management styles. Hence, there is a need for operators of small scale business enterprises to involve their employees in decision making so as to improve their performance.

Keywords: Employee, Management, Perfoemance, Style