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The Impact of Perceived Value, Quality, and Loyalty on Purchase Decision in the Accessories Department: Study on Saudi Females (Published)

The main purpose of this research is to study and investigate the impacts of perceived value, quality, and loyalty on the purchase decision. Furthermore, to understand the mediator impact of brand trust between the relation of consumers’ perceived value and the purchase decision. This research contains a study that is considered as an empirical study that follows a quantitative method and probability sampling technique. The questionnaire was conducted using internet-based survey where the sample includes random Saudi females living in Riyadh. The study shows that loyalty and quality have significant statistical impacts on the decision making. On the other hand, it shows that perceived value, has an influence on the brand trust but not on the purchase decision.

Keywords: Brand Trust, Loyalty, Perceived Value, Purchase decision, Quality

Customer Satisfaction towards Q Mobiles brand (Review Completed - Accepted)

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to measure the customer satisfaction towards Q mobiles brand affe by discussing variables such as service quality, product quality, , work load financial benefit, perceived value.
Design/methodology/approach: Being descriptive study, survey method was adopted for data collection to find out the factors. A sample of 150 students of Islamia university of Bahawalpur was selected for the survey. Data was analyzed by using Cronbach‟s Alpha, correlation and regression in SPSS software.
Findings: The independent variable service quality was correlated with dependent variable customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Perceived Value, Service Quality, financial benefit, product .quality