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Stabilization of Erosive Soil Using Some Inorganic Chemicals: Oba Excavation Site, as a Case Study (Published)

Soil erosion has become a serious topic of discussion in Anambra State, Nigeria because it has constituted to serious negative challenges in the economic livelihood of different communities in the State. This study is therefore aimed at using some inorganic chemicals to stabilize an erosive soil in Oba (a town in Anambra State). Laboratory analyses for the determination of the particle size distribution and inorganic chemical stabilization determination were carried out on the Oba soil sample. From the results obtained, it was discovered that the soil sample has a high percentage of sandy soil particles compared to the clay and the silt soil particles. After the soil sample was stabilized using the AlCl3, CaCl2, MgCl2, Ca(OH)2 and CaCO3, it was discovered that AlCl3 and CaCl2 had the highest stabilizing power while the Ca(OH)2 had the least stabilizing power. This was confirmed by using a pocket penetrometer.

Keywords: : Erosion, Inorganic, chemicals, penetrometer