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A Review Study of the Chemical Constituents and Therapeutic Effects of Peganum Harmala L (Published)

Peganum harmala L  was used traditionally in different populations for many medical complains. It contained a wide range of chemical constituents.. The previous studies showed that the seeds of the plant and its constituents exerted antimicrobial, anticancer, antioxidant, antidiabetic and  analgesic effects and many other pharmacological activities. Harmaline, harmine, harmalol, harman, quinazoline derivatives, vasicine, vasicinone, anthroquinons and fixed oils are reported from seeds and roots of this plant. This plant is used as a medicine in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, India, Egypt and Spain. This article presents comprehensive analyzed information on the botanical, chemical and pharmacological aspects of P. harmala.

Keywords: Antidiabeetic, Antioxidant, Harmaline, Peganum Harmala