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Students’ Attitudes about Giving and Receiving Peer Review in L2 Writing Classes (Published)

This study aimed at investigating the attitudes of a Tunisian cohort of students toward peer review. A mixed methods research was adopted to elicit students’ views. Data collection instruments included two questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. The pre-study questionnaire results showed that students were very doubtful of the effectiveness of this pedagogical practice. They were mostly concerned about their peers’ ability to provide valid feedback. A few students were equally adamant regarding the distribution of roles in the class and perceived their teacher as the most adequate person to assume that responsibility. The post questionnaire results, however, showed a swing in attitudes in favor of peer review. Interestingly, 85% of the participants reported more positive attitudes. It has been found that the systemic training helped to raise students’ awareness about the potential benefits of peer review. Similarly, the repeated practice has had a positive effect in enhancing students’ trust in their peers’ review. In accordance with the growingly positive attitudes, the study reported several benefits of peer review. The flexibility and convenience of the practice helped learners work actively and collaboratively to achieve shared aims. It also helped them to overcome the feelings of fear and apprehension about writing. The students equally confirmed gaining a better awareness about process writing and audience expectations. The received peer review was found to be very detailed and catered to specific learners’ needs.

Keywords: Attitudes, L2 writing, Receiver, giver, peer review