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Partially Flipped English Classroom in a School Set-Up: A Comparative Study of Pedagogical Practices (Published)

With the advent of digital technology and the realization of its usefulness in classroom, pedagogical practices are changing in a major way. Flipped Classroom Model (FCM) is touted as the future pedagogical practice. Technology cannot replace the teacher, but better teaching /learning can take place if technology is used to aid the teacher in the classroom. A partially flipped classroom involves flipping some of the classroom / home activities. An experiment was conducted at a selected school in the Kashmir Valley in India by partially flipping the English classroom. The purpose of the study was to test whether the proposed model works as a better pedagogical model compared to the conventional teaching-oriented classroom setting. The results obtained from the study show students favour the partial flipping and the model is successful in generating stronger student motivation and better performance compared to conventional pedagogical models of teaching English. 

Keywords: Comparative study, Flipped Classroom Model, Partially flipped class, Pedagogical practices, Teaching of English as a second language