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Du Conseil public au Conseil privé : quels impacts de la réorientation sur la filière coton en Côte d’Ivoire ? (Published)

The “Compagnie Ivoirienne de Developpement des Textiles (CIDT)”, Ivorian company for textile development remained a joint venture (public and private) for many decades and was managed by a public agricultural council service. But, because of its privatization in 1998, this council was invested by private actors (private cotton company, cotton ginny, cooperatives, etc.). This council is strategically important for producers and cotton companies. Indeed, its reach to increase the cotton production and the its productivity, improving the producer revenue, providing ginnery units from seeds of cotton, sustain the cotton sector. However , we notice a decrease of cotton seeds production in spite of actions initiated by Ivorian authorities namely deduction from” Cotisation Vonlontaire Obligatoire “( an Obligatory Voluntary Subscription) decided in 2011, the project of ” Externalisation du Conseil Agricole dans la Filière Cotton ( ECAFC), ” an Externalization of Agricultural Council in Cotton Sector, etc. The objective of this qualitative study is to analyze the decrease of the cotton seeds production due to the dysfunctioning of agricultural council. The survey did with the cotton sector actors revealed that the agricultural council practiced by cotton companies take into account the management of cotton inputs and the cover charge of the campaign credit and ignored the peasant who is considered as an economical agent. The mechanism of agricultural council has also progressed towards an extending sections where some agricultural advisers are posted and they are not assisted by titulary advisers after their hurry week training.

Keywords: Cotton, agricultural council, cotton companies, peasant