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Report on Literacy and Linguistic Barriers in Akwa Ibom State’s Political Communications: A Pluralistic Society (Published)

The proactive tempo of Nigeria’s grammatical interactions has had insidious spell on her communicative contents. This is showcased in the paradigm drift from forecasting electioneering results where political grammar makes intended voters become inevitable. Obviously, situational conditions arise where politicized communications are misdirected on the ground of communication accessibilities such as semantics, pragmatics, literacy and linguistic barriers in politicking. In that light, this paper wants to sheave prevalence of PR/Advertising in Nigeria’s political Halloweens, rhetorical ding dongs to unconventional political grammar, language in campaigns, its contents and barriers to citizens’ understanding of political truce. The study was supported from the researchers’ participatory observations and the timeline was between 2007 and 2012 Elections in Akwa Ibom State.  

Keywords: ACN, PDP, campaigns, innuendoes, language and politics