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THE U.S.’S DEBT CEILING CRISIS AND BUDGET CONSTRAINTS (Is October always Black in American History?) (Is Obama’s Administration Politically Bankrupt?) (Published)

Modern research on feds highlights the significance of hard budget constraints and a strong central government to satisfy intergovernmental economic conflicts. The sharp political crisis that shook America reached to the settlement did not come out of any team victorious, whether President Barack Obama or his opponents Republicans, where Washington avoided disaster at the last minute approval of the text is likely stalled in the payback of their payments, and reopen the federal’s department which was paralyzed for more than two weeks.This article responds to the theoretical shortcomings with reference to the evolution of political crisis at the regional level and the representation of those regions at the national level. While both houses of Congress passed after 16 days of disruption, to settle out of the crisis, where they vote on raising the debt ceiling, and provides summary agreed to give the green light for the budget short-term extends until January 15, and to increase the debt ceiling to allow for the payment of the obligations of the government until Feb. 7, the Agreement provides a minor addition to the health care program, and calls to make sure the entry of individuals who are entitled to get help US government to pay for mandatory health insurance

Keywords: Budget, Budget Constraints, Crisis, Debt Ceiling, Feds, Fiscal Year, Payments, U.S. Central Bank