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Investigating the Suitability of the Solar-Array in the Faculty of Health Sciences in Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Nigeria (Published)

Presently, a litre of petrol for running a generator is sold at N125 per litre as at 16/6/20. Bearing this cost in mind and the fact that 70% of the Nigerian population live in rural settlements, a cost estimate for solar powering a Medical Laboratory Science department and the entire Faculty of Health Science was done. From our findings, the Detailed Power requirement or estimation of energy demand for Other Departments in the Faculty were made and for Medical Laboratory Science is 18.999KW, cybercafé/computer is 24.855KW, Finance is 33.339KW, Nursing is 20.749KW and Dean’s office is 11.303KW.  The total Faculty load was 1200KW or approximately 1.2MW.  From the calculation above it can be deduced that in two years, EBSU utilizing solar Photovoltaic systems for power generation will break-even for her energy needs.  The expenditure on energy will be reduced drastically and the reliance on NEPA/PHCN/EEDC will be a thing of the past and even though excess is produced, they can sell it.  Enough power used for training students will be available and money can be realized as outsiders can patronize the commercial laboratories in the Medical laboratory and nursing departments.  The use of Photovoltaic systems (PV) are capital intensive but profitable and cheap in the long run. 


Keywords: FHST, pay back or breakeven period, solar powering