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Study on Asphalt Pavement Distress: A Case Study in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Published)

In past few years, Pavement Engineers are exploring new techniques and methods to reduce the cost of pavement construction, while increasing its service life. So it manages the ingredient of pavement material due to the pavement failure, although to characterize the thickness of pavement layers. The road must be designed and properly constructed in the site and then proper maintenance necessary. Meanwhile, the road must not be designed in a short period because of deterioration will start and shows the distress on the pavement surface like surface deformation, surface defect bleeding, disintegration pothole, and cracking. The causes of deterioration are environmental factors (moisture, climate), improper maintenance, Poor material, improper pavement design, traffic over load, traffic volume and subgrade failure. This research paper evaluates the current condition of asphalt pavement distresses which are existed in North Cyprus. A condition survey conducted from Lefkosa to Famagusta and the length of the highway is 57.9 km. It has achieved and proved 10 types of pavement distress in the study area such as potholes, Patching, Bleeding Slippage, Block, Transverse, Longitudinal, alligator. Furthermore, it analyzes the severity separately. It was concluded that the best maintenance alternative for the treatment of distresses in North Cyprus is crack filling, patching, an overlay, and shoulder enhancement.

Keywords: Pavement assessment, Pavement design, Pavement distress, Pavement failure