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The Impact of Learning Object Repository (Lor) In the Development of Pattern Making Skills of Home Economics Students (Published)

This study aims to examine the impact of e-learning object repository (LOR) in the development of pattern making skills of home economics students at the faculty of education. The sample consists of (50) students from the Fifth level of the home economics program, (25) students represented the first experimental group whereas the other (25) constituted the other experimental group. The first experimental group learnt by using the e-search, while the second one learnt by using LOR. An achievement test and product evaluation card were used to collect data. The Canadian Repository MERLOT II was adapted and used in the experiment. Findings showed that there are significant differences between the two experimental groups in pattern making skills and related achievement in favor of the second experimental group.

Keywords: Home Economics, LOR, Learning object, Learning object repository, Pattern Making Basics, pattern making skills