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Sexual Violence against Children: A Qualitative Exploration (Published)

Children are doubly vulnerable due to their age along with the other factors like gender. This paper is based on eleven case studies on children who were sexually violated in rural areas of Bangladesh within the period of 2011-2015. Apart from the causes and victim-perpetrator relationship the research shed light on victims’ action against the incidents and hindrance on the way to justice. This study is expected to provide with insights in planning an effective development intervention addressing sexual violence against children. The study found that the patriarchal ideology of relating women’s chastity to the ‘ideal’ women punishes the victims and let the perpetrators go unpunished. It suggests for the extensive work on traditional gender roles and power relations responsible for such violence. In addition, it recommends to adopt a holistic approach by addressing cultural and social values and stigma, as well as legal aspects to combat the issue.

Keywords: Marriage, Non government organization, Patriarchal Ideology, Rape, Sexual violence