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AI Based Congestion Relief Method in GSM 900MHZ (Review Completed - Accepted)

It is commonly accepted that the problem of network congestion control remains a critical issue and a high priority, especially given the growing size, demand, and speed of the increasingly integrated services networks. This is where the need for an intelligent multi criteria handoff algorithm becomes apparent. Efficient load balancing algorithm is important in serving more mobile stations in the wireless networks.

This paper presents the design and implementation of a fuzzy multi-criteria handoff algorithm based on signal strength, path-loss and traffic load of base stations and the received signal to interference ratio as to balance traffic in all the neighboring sites at any time. This can be achieved by using Fuzzy Logic.

The proposed algorithm is able to balance load of the base station by handing off some ongoing calls on cell edge in highly loaded cells to migrate to overlapping under-loaded cells, such that the coverage area of loaded BTS virtually shrunk towards cell center of a loaded sector. In case of low load scenarios, the coverage area of a BTS is presumed to be virtually widened to cover up to the partial serving area of neighboring BTS. This helps a highly loaded neighboring BTS.

Keywords: Congestion, Fuzzy Logic, Handoff, Interference, Path loss, Received Signal Strength