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Stylistic Notes on ‘Banat Suad’: The Passive Participle and Verb (Published)

This research paper investigates Kaab Bin Zuhair’s poem ‘Banat Suad’, also known as Al-Burdah, highlighting the stylistic notes, especially the passive participle and verb, which can be regarded as an important model of research examination.  The repetition of these two stylistic notes seems to be a characteristic of his poem, wherein the previous stylistic notes were observed on the linguistic forms of the verses used throughout. As far as the semantic structure is concerned, it was found that the passive participle and verb  are much more associated with objects than subjects in the utterances used , an indicator of the emotive and psychological state controlling the poet who was threatened to be killed while the composition of the text.

Keywords: Linguistic Forms, Stylistics, passive participle, passive verb