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Dynamic Effects of Viscous Damping on Isotropic Rectangular Plates Resting on Pasternak Foundation, Subjected to Moving Loads (Published)

The model governing the vibration problem of damped isotropic rectangular plate resting on Pasternak foundation is a fourth order partial differential equation, which was solved by separating the variables using series, which reduces the equation to a second order differential equation, and it was solved by employing the central difference scheme of the finite deference method. The dynamic effect of viscous damping was investigated. Apart from the fact that the results obtained compares well with some standard results, it was found that the presence of viscous damping on isotropic plate on Pasternak foundation reduces the possibility of resonance and also stabilizes the system.

Keywords: Isotropic Rectangular Plate, Partially Distributed Load, Pasternak Foundation, Viscous Damping