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Parameter Sensitivity and Elasticity Analysis of a Mathematical Model for Non–Homogenous Population Density of a Weed Species (Published)

In this work, a stage-structured model for non- homogenous population density of an annual weed is analysed for parameter sensitivity and elasticity. The steady state solution of the model is obtained. In order to determine the contribution of identified parameters to the model steady state, the sensitivity and elasticity analyses are performed using matrix calculus approach. The result of the sensitivity analysis shows that the steady state is very responsive to change in established seedling survival rate (e). While, elasticity analysis indicates that, both established and matured weeds steady-state densities are equally affected by small additive changes in maturity rate (m) and establishment rate (e). Besides, seed bank seed density is most sensitive to small additive change in seed production (b) as compared to weed maturity rate (m). Hence, we conclude that increase in the survival and maturity rates possibly may lead to an increase in weed population density.

Keywords: Elasticity, Matrix calculus, Parameter, Partial derivative., Steady-state, sensitivity