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Styles of Parental Treatment and Its Relationship with the Altruistic Behavior among Sample of Children with Learning Disabilities at Najran Schools (Published)

The study aimed to identify the nature of the relationship between parental treatment styles, as children of learning disabilities understand and their altruistic behavior at the age of nine to twelve. It also aimed to identify the impact of age variable and the predictability of those children’s altruistic behavior level among other variables of parental styles.  Furthermore, it aimed to develop a scale for altruistic behavior. The study assumed that there were relationships among the previously mentioned variables and attempted to ascertain this belief by the use of the altruistic scale, parental treatment scale and Jodanv-harris drawing scale. Findings asserted the study’s assumptions. However, findings related to the third assumption showed that democratic father and tolerant mother had a big impact on the acquisition of children with learning disabilities altruistic behavior varied levels more than other styles of parental treatment.

Keywords: Altruism, Learning disabilities, Parental treatment styles, positive behavior