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In this article, we proposed generalized method and developed algorithms for estimation of parameters and best model fit of log linear model for dimensional contingency tables. For purpose of this work, the method was used to provide estimates of parameters of log –linear model for four- dimensional contingency table. Parameters of higher dimensional tables can in like manner be estimated. In estimating these parameters and best model fit, computer programs in R were developed for the implementation of the algorithms. The iterative proportional fitting was used to estimate the parameters and goodness of fits of models of the log linear model. A real life data was used for illustration and the result obtained showed the best model fit for four dimensional contingency table is [BSG, BGA]. This showed that the best model fit must have sufficient evidence to fit the data without loss of information and must have the highest p-value and least likelihood ratio estimate.

Keywords: Algorithms, Categorical Data, Contingency Table, Generalized Method, Iterative Proportional Fitting., Parameters

Effect of Timber Resource Processing on the Edibe-Edibe Creek in Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examines the quality of water and the variation in the physical and chemical properties of water in the Edibe-edibe Creek. It also looked at the microbial characteristics of the Creek. The data for the study were derived from direct field observation, sampling measure in situ measure and laboratory analysis. The phypico-chemical parameters as well as the bacteriological parameters were analysed the laboratory using various instruments. The result of the analysis revealed that: except for electrical conductivity, PH and iron, all other parameters were on the increase from station one to two. However, nitrate had the same values in both, Station one and two. The biological analysis also revealed that the parameters had an increase value from station one to two. Generally, it was discovered that the water in this Creek is not good for domestic purposes because of the availability of nitrate and the acidic nature of the water.

Keywords: Creek, Parameters, Resource, Timber, Utilization