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Duration and Modern Physics: A Verification of the Paradigm Shift from Ontology of Substance to That of Becoming (Published)

The history of Western Philosophy is populated by Substance –geared metaphysics despite the introduction of the ontology of becoming by Heraclitus. Science as ancillary to Philosophy equally witnessed a parallel boost and interpretation to the ontology of Substance with its mechanistic and certainty approach to reality. Only recently, the emergence of Modern physics; a new Physics of subatomic particles has called to question, the well established mechanistic model of science. Recently too, following the train of Science, Philosophy has come to grips with Science’s new results and has made a fundamental revision of the standard tools of Philosophy. This revision is seen in the concept of ‘duartion’ advocated by Henri Bergson; a paradigm shift to the ontology of becoming

Keywords: Becoming, Duration, Modern Physics, Ontology, Paradigm Shift, Substance