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The Relationship of Emotional Intelligence and Classroom Management of STE Science Teachers in Pangasinan (Published)

This study aimed to determine the emotional intelligence (EI) and classroom management approach of the STE science teachers in Pangasinan and the relation of the two variables. This study used descriptive- correlational, using a questionnaire. Total enumeration was utilized with 63 STE science teachers as respondents. Results revealed that EI of the STE science teachers has WM= 119.0 and SD= 13.39, further for the distribution of EI 60.3% has an average EI, 34.9% has above average EI and 4.8% has below average EI with SD= 0.56. Their classroom management approach, 69.8% employ student-centered approach while 30.2% of them use teacher-centered approach with SD= 0.46. Point bi-serial score yielded (rpb= 0.10, p= 0.45). There is no significant relationship between the two variables. Conclusions include: great majority of STE science teachers are performing fairly and utilizing student-centered approach and their classroom management approach is not affected by their EI and vice versa.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Pangasinan, classroom management, science teachers